Both these scenes depict people and events that occurred in the Reitschule in Bern Switzerland, the place I lived, worked and had my screen print studio in a collective, for about eight years. It is also where I met my partner Colby.

Maria came from away, from another place, when she was young, full of energy and love. Somewhere along the line, the desire to escape took hold of her. She couldn’t find a vein that morning, they had collapsed. I couldn’t help her, I didn’t have the skill. She made it though, onto a Methadone programme. Five mornings a week I was there, sweeping the forecourt. She lived under a bridge, had a kid too, raised by the state, must be in their twenties now. -Stephan W. 

Silkscreen print screened by the artist. 
Signed and numbered. Edition 51.
Image size 680 x 980mm.

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