Sylvester Night, Bern, CH

Sylvester Night, Bern, CH

Both these scenes depict people and events that occurred in the Reitschule in Bern Switzerland, the place I lived, worked and had my screen print studio in a collective, for about eight years. It is also where I met my partner Colby.

This scene unfolded over a period of five hours on New Years Eve, it took a lot for this to happen. It took a lot of scared people in the suburbs, people demanding a life and those who supply that to them, people in suits, in armour, party people, kids in gangs. It took all of us. And then, Bang, it erupted like it does here and there in the news. Like a scene out of a modern contemporary Hieronymus Bosch. Humans at their most human. I lost my tooth that night. - Stephan W. 

Silkscreen print screened by the artist.
Signed and numbered. Edition 47.
Image size 680 x 1000mm.
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