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Custom Framing

We started framing for our gallery when our local framer, Bruce retired. He suggested we learn the masterful skill of picture framing - and so we did.  It was 2008.  Thank you Bruce x


Whilst framing the prints in our gallery, we built up a very loyal, private framing clientele too. We enjoy the creative design process of finding the right materials to compliment the artwork and we love the range of different artwork we get to experience by being picture framers. 

We offer block-mounting, canvas stretching, simple poster framing and elaborate fine art framing. 


We have a quick turnaround time, competitive prices and a free pick-up and delivery service for Wellington and Hutt Valley. For our customers further afield, a flat courier rate of $25 North/$35 South.

Karearea NZ Native Falcon


or more on framing when buying

ready-to-hang framed prints!


Framing Examples
Mounted with a Matboard
Mounted Against Artwork Edge
Stacked Frames
Stacked Frames detail
Spaced Back: Kool Kitty
Spaced Back detail
2-Print Set: The Now Scene
2-Print Set: The Joker | Batman
Shadow Box: Canvas Flag
Shadow Box: Canvas Flag
Card Set: Dental
Card Set: Dental detail
Shadow Box: Sentimental Value
Shadow Box: Sentimental Value
Float: CD Slip
Float: CD Slip detail
Shadow Box: Silver Ferns Jersey
Fillet: Raranga
Collectable inside!
Shadow Box: Christening Ensemble
Shadow Box: Christening Ensemble
Card Set: Underlords
Card Set: Underlords detail
3D Mount: DeNiro Face Cast & Cards
3D Mount: DeNiro Face Cast & Cards
Window Float: Dragon Stencil
Window Float: Dragon Stencil detail
Shadow Box: Korowai
Shadow Box: Korowai
Ornate Frames: Maggori
Shadow Box: Tartan Blanket
Shadow Box: Tartan Blanket
Shadow Box: Inveronich
Float: Plastic Planes
Float: Plastic Planes detail
Original Art Framing
Original Art Framing
Card Set: Mars Attacks!
Card Set: Mars Attacks! detail
Shadow Box: Vietnam Jacket
Tukutuku Panel
Tukutuku Panel detail
Double Mat: Rika Fantail
Coloured Mat: Yoshi
Coloured Mat: Yoshi detail
Coloured Mats
Canvas Tray
Canvas Tray detail
Textured Matboard
Faux Mouldings
Bamboo Collection
Double Matboard: white
Round/Oval Frames
Round/Oval Mat Windows
Block Mount
Block Mount detail
Block Mount detail
BlackCore Matboard
Gold Fillet

Have a walk through the different styles and mounting methods available for framing all sorts of different printed matter (hover over for details on desktop).


Purchase a blank frame, ready to install your artwork yourself!  Helpful for people wanting to frame paper-works, in quality frames, in a more affordable way.

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