Our bricks & mortar Gallery has now closed!

Thank you for your support and patronage over the past 16-years. We're working on some photo albums whichI'll pop here soon.
We've had some cool stuff pass through Eyeball Kicks and
have literally put thousands of pieces of artwork into the world.
We feel good about that. And we're not done yet...

Our handpicked collection of artworks by your favourite artists
are now available here on our website.We ship prints 
New Zealand customers can add a frame to their print purchase
and it'll arrive 'ready to hang'. And what's more, shipping is free!

Visual Art activates the human mind.

It provokes thought, emotion, inspiration and creativity.

It provides an avenue for political, social and cultural commentary.

It breaks language, gender and age barriers, and remains one of the most unregulated forms of artistic expression.

Encourage and embrace that freedom.

- Neek & Cal, Eyeball Kicks