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Jeremy Geddes: Wilderness
  • Jeremy Geddes: Wilderness



    Jeremy Geddes AU

    Limited Edition Resin Sculpture : White/Gold Edition 350
    15 Inches tall
    1 Cosmonaut + 5 Birds / Screw on rods
    Numbered Certificate of Authenticity


    Breathtaking sculpture by Jeremy Geddes featuring a cosmonaut, a stunning tribute to the wonder and beauty of space exploration. Measuring 15 inches tall, the sculpture captures the grace and power of the cosmonaut, evoking a sense of awe and wonder at the majesty of space. The sculpture is made of painted resin carefully constructed to evoke a sense of texture and depth to the work. As a testament to the authenticity and rarity of this piece, each sculpture comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, indicating its place within the edition of 350. This is a must-have for any art collector, space enthusiast, or fan of Jeremy Geddes.

    Jeremy Geddes (b.1974) studied painting at the Victorian College of the Arts and began working full time as a painter in 2003. Inspired by his childhood fascination with space and science fiction, Geddes' work often explores the intersection between the human form and the vastness of space. His art is characterized by a dreamlike quality, with vivid and haunting images that stay with the viewer long after they have left the gallery. His genre is often described as surrealism or contemporary realism, with a focus on figurative work. His achievements include numerous solo exhibitions and awards, including the Spectrum Gold Award and the Archibald Prize. Jeremy was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and whippet.

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